Top Countries Advancing Towards the Metaverse

Top Countries Advancing Towards the Metaverse

The metaverse aims to innovate the way people interact with one another, interacting in a way that was previously only thought to exist through face-to-face interactions. In its simplest form, the metaverse is a massive, interconnected network of virtual worlds. These immersive worlds allow users to interact though customizable 3D avatars in real time, in […]

How Will Shared Experiences in the Metaverse Evolve?

How Will Shared Experiences in the Metaverse Evolve

The potential for the metaverse to connect customers with brands in ways that create an exceptional emotionally positive experience cannot be underestimated. Although the metaverse is still largely conceptual, companies are flocking to invest in its potential to reach and engage customers in unique and impactful ways. Let’s look at how the metaverse will evolve […]

Dubai Metaverse Strategy: Everything You Need to Know

Dubai Metaverse Strategy: Everything You Need to Know

The recently unveiled Dubai Metaverse Strategy is an elaborate and integrated plan for the Emirate’s digital evolution. It aims to position Dubai among the top 10 places that will shape the future of the metaverse globally. At the moment, there are close to 1,000 Dubai-based businesses operating in the metaverse, blockchain, and related technologies. The […]

Downtown Circle and Metaverse Strategy: Will Dubai Become the First Sci-Fi City?

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Dubai is known for dreaming the impossible and doing the unthinkable. You only have to look at the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa) or the first-of-its-kind incubator for sustainable cities to confirm that. Then, there are futuristic structures such as the Museum of the Future, Dubai Frame, and Ain Dubai (the biggest Ferris wheel on […]

How to Implement NFTs in Your Virtual Event

How to Implement NFTs in Your Virtual Event

If you are looking for an effective way to take your virtual event to the next level, NFTs can help. NFTs have become the center of conversation for tech, gaming, and art communities and are poised to become the new normal for buying power. Here’s everything you need to know about NFTs, and how they […]

Key Benefits of Events in the Metaverse

Advantages of Events in the Metaverse

It was 2019 when the global events industry became upended, with all in-person events banned because of lockdowns and strict social distancing rules. Live events failed to take place and companies were forced to move to remote working models, which led to the advent of the virtual events landscape. Organisers were just coming to grips […]

5 Profitable Business Opportunities in Metaverse

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As major corporations continue to invest in the metaverse the potential for various business opportunities becomes more evident. In particular, organizations across a wide range of industries have been looking to the metaverse components, such as extended reality, IoT, and cloud technologies as new sources of revenue. Today we will look at a few of […]

Metaverse Vs. Virtual Reality: Key Differences

Metaverse Vs. Virtual Reality Key Differences

The metaverse is growing at a rapid pace. Many reputable and recognized businesses have already jumped at the opportunity to invest in the digital space and have leveraged the numerous opportunities it offers to stand out against competitors. In particular, the metaverse has attracted big investors, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. Innovative brands combine creativity […]

Top Networking Ideas for Virtual Events in 2022

Top Networking Ideas for Virtual Events

People love to network. Networking is essential for business, careers, growing personal connections, education, and so much more. According to LinkedIn, 80% of professionals believe they can achieve better career success through professional networking. Not only does networking help enhance skills, but it also helps individuals stay on top of the latest industry trends. But […]

Top Tips To Budget For Your Virtual Event

Top Tips To Budget For Your Virtual Event

The event-organising industry has significantly evolved over the last few years, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pomp and glamour associated with a physical event has now been replaced by nuance and simplicity in the form of virtual, or online, platforms. Even cynics set in their own ways have come to embrace […]