Outreal XR Career Exclusivity with JobsForNationals for virtual career fairs.

Outreal XR Signs Career Exclusivity with JobsForNationals!

Ahmed Tameemi, CEO & Danish Haidri, CPO Outreal XR Signs Career Exclusivity with Jobs For Nationals. Outreal XR, UAE’s leading virtual events platform provider, has signed career exclusivity…
Virtual reality game development

The Growth of AR VR Interactive Apps in Dubai

Interactive Apps on smartphones are one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Because users process information better when viewed or experienced. Wouldn’t you want to develop an app that…
Mixed Reality

Companies in Dubai Investing in AR VR

You are organizing an event. You want it to be a success. You want to create an amazing and lasting impression. Adopting the idea of INTERACTIVE EVENT TECHNOLOGY is your…
Virtual Reality Outreal XR

VR Companies in Dubai: Thinking Outside the Box

VR Company Dubai When people talk about Dubai, they talk about innovation, style, and diverse & successful businesses. It is one of the fastest developing cities in the world.  One…
The Most Amazing Real World Examples Of Mixed Reality

The Rise of Mixed Reality in Dubai

Mixed Reality Dubai What is mixed reality? It is essentially a more flexible step ahead of Augmented Reality. It brings together the best of both, VR and AR, and takes…
Asco 2016 Trade Show

Training Expo 2020 Staff using VR

From being just a video game tool to becoming a key instrument in every industry possible, virtual reality has evolved to become the key that opens the door to any…