Companies in Dubai Investing in AR VR

You are organizing an event. You want it to be a success.

You want to create an amazing and lasting impression. Adopting the idea of INTERACTIVE EVENT TECHNOLOGY is your solution. Breakaway from the monotony of a regular event or presentation.
Interactive event technology is the idea of presenting your customers/visitors with a way to learn about your product/ service in a manner that is most convenient to them. Evolving technology is vastly modifying the space and concept of meetings and events, turning them into an area of a variety of digital activities for visitors to participate in. Inclusion of activities like live polling during a presentation, social media updates, video walls, charging stations, VR headsets, etc would benefit the outcome of the event.

Companies in Dubai Investing in AR VR

Giving your visitors the AR experience will kickstart their imaginations and pique their interests. A great example is the HoloGuide app which worked with the Step Conference 2020. It engaged with visitors and guided them to areas they were interested in visiting, allowing them to visit more areas in a more organized fashion. It provided them with relevant information depending on the area they were in that would suit their preferences.

Technological intervention plays a crucial role, especially in the marketing of an event. With a surplus of data and activities available at all times, it is a competition to the last second to gain visitors’ attention. An extraordinary experience will ensure that you capture their attention and create a lasting impression. A good example of this was presented by Knit in an effort to promote Renault’s Dezir Electric car. They had organized a movement-activated light wall that was made up of ‘irises’ that would ‘open’ and ‘shut’ when people moved in front of it.

The core of interactive event technology is engagement. The activities should require visitor participation. Participants posting their in-event experiences on social media, would partially take care of social media marketing for the event.

Why is interactive event technology something you should be interested in?

Increased engagement

Companies in Dubai Investing in AR VR

Participation in activities will not only capture the attention of visitors but also encourage them to get to know your product better and possibly even look forward to future events from you.

Measure the success of your event

An interactive event can tell you if it is a success in multiple ways. From turnout and event surveys to social media activity and event reviews.

Consistent Communication

Companies in Dubai Investing in AR VR

Any event would require consistent communication from email marketing, and building excitement before & during the event, updating and following up after the event to inform about future events. Interactive event technology would take care of this communication.

An awe-inspiring interactive event would include the works – VR, Mixed Reality, elaborate lights and sound. Every aspect works to set the mood and pace of your event and encourage visitors to come back for the heft event. With our services ranging from extended reality and digital services to design services, we at Outreal XR have everything you need to make your event the success it deserves to be. Interactive event technology is the defining theme of events.