Gamification can instantly level up your virtual events. It is proven to be an effective strategy for driving higher engagement. With gamification, event organizers can add elements such as scoring and competition to traditionally non-game virtual settings, thereby increasing members’ participation, productivity, and attention spans. It also allows attendees to build deeper relationships with each other and participating entities with far-reaching and positive results for your business. 

Benefits of Gamification in Virtual Events

1. Gamification eases cognitive load

The human brain can only process a certain amount of information at a given time. Gamification presents an excellent opportunity to cut down on cognitive overload. When information is presented in a more game-like, challenge-based, and fun format, it becomes easier to retain. 

2. Increases audience engagement

Gamification ensures participants to actively participate in virtual events rather than passively attend lectures or talks and try to process information. Therefore, gamification integration on a 3D platform with real-time avatars can make any virtaul event a whole lot more interesting and fun. 

3. Increases ROI for sponsors

For virtual events to be truly successful, they need to have a solid return on investment for participating entities. Gamification of virtual events leads to higher engagement and active participation from the attendees. This results in a much higher return on investment for sponsors compared to virtual events that do not have gamification elements.

Other elements of gamifying your virtual events include an increase in genuine networking opportunities between attendees, superior brand exposure, and overall happy attendees.

How to Gamify Your Next Virtual Event

Now, let us look at a few tips that you should incorporate for your next virtual event!

Tip #1 Create a Reward System

Reward and reinforcement can play a crucial role in encouraging people to play. We all want to be rewarded and recognized for our wins, this excites and enforces friendly competition among attendees. Here are a few value-providing rewards to think for your next virtual event game-winners: 

  • Offer winners exclusive access to the event speakers.
  • Share their wins with your audience on social media.
  • Highlight them on a leaderboard.
  • Announce give-away product offers.
  • Offer discount promotions and codes.
Online leaderboard game

Tip #2 Help them unlock the VIP experience

Another great way to gamify your virtual event and encourage engagement between attendees and exhibitors is to offer an exclusive ‘VIP’ experience. You can do this by issuing digital passports that are ‘stamp-able’. Participants can use these to get ‘stamps’ showcasing the number of exhibitors they visited during the event. These stamps can then be used as reward points to unlock a VIP experience offered to only select few.

Tip #3 Pick an Epic Game For Your Virtual Event

Trivia questions can be a great game for your virtual event out of many. This encourages your audience to pay attention to the speakers and also retain a major portion of the information shared and unlock benefits or win prizes. This is only one of the dozens of games that organizers can incorporate into their virtual events. The game you choose definitely relies on the objective of your event and should align with clients’ end goals.

For instance, HoloFair has hosted multiple gamification virtual events with real-time avatar, out of which the most spectacular event was EGA’S internal National day celebration. Attendees celebrated this day on HoloFair in a hyper-realistic 3D park with UAE flags and branding. Attendees indulged in many games to win exciting prizes. The special games decided were:

  • Trivia Treasure Hunt Game: This game quizzed employees with multiple choice questions on UAE facts.
  • Red light Green Light: Inspired by the most famous Netflix show “Squid Games” highly recognized by the people of this region. Following the same rules and instructions of the game in the show where participants started moving at the green signal and stopped at the red light.
  • Maze obstacle course game: Attendees had to complete a complicated maze course to win prizes worth 1000AED.


Sounds too good to be true? Watch a sneak peek of the event here.

You're all Set!

The sky is the limit when it comes to gamifying virtual events. With your choice of creative and innovative ideas put into place when planning your own gamified virtual event, would precisely result to a fun virtual event with happy attendees. Just make sure to add in a healthy dose of competition and coveted rewards to maximize audience engagement. 

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