The potential for the metaverse to connect customers with brands in ways that create an exceptional emotionally positive experience cannot be underestimated. Although the metaverse is still largely conceptual, companies are flocking to invest in its potential to reach and engage customers in unique and impactful ways. Let’s look at how the metaverse will evolve as it aims to transform and elevate the shared experiences of its users.

Realistic Interactions with 3D Avatars

At the heart of the metaverse experience are avatars. In the metaverse, avatars serve as the virtual representation of attendees. Unlike 2D experiences, 3D avatars provide virtual guests with the feeling of an authentic human-to-human experience. Not only can attendees fully customize their avatars, but they can also enable them to use lifelike expressions and gestures. Using 3D avatars, attendees can adopt non-verbal techniques through gestures and body language to communicate, further enhancing their shared experience. Best of all, lifelike avatars make metaverse events less like work and more like virtual adventures.

how the metaverse will evolve

Build Communities Within the Metaverse

Relationships and communities are built through communication, and the metaverse creates an immersive world to build and cultivate relationships. The metaverse offers a wide range of features to communicate with other attendees, such as audio and video calls, text messaging, audio zones, and spatial audio. When clear audio is included during metaverse interactions, attendees are able to better engage with one another, connecting to their fellow avatars.Regardless of how your guests choose to communicate, there are plenty of opportunities to start conversations and build relationships.

Create Enticing Digital Worlds

The metaverse offers organizations a unique opportunity to build unique creative worlds that encourage authentic digital experiences. Ideal for clients with attendees in multiple locations, with the metaverse your brand can build any venue you dream of. From an amphitheater nestled in a stunning mountain valley to a futuristic island or space adventure, the only limit to a metaverse world lies in your imagination. These engaging worlds help to encourage your attendees to relax and engage with one another in a meaningful manner.

Not only does the metaverse allow brands to create a unique digital venue, but they also empower brands to fully immerse their attendees in a specific narrative. Adding an entertaining narrative allows your guests to fully experience their interactions with one another through a shared experience. For example, if they are on an epic space adventure where they have to complete group tasks, such as a scavenger hunt within the metaverse world, they will engage with one another through their shared experience.

Create Immersive Experiences

The metaverse provides brands with a powerful opportunity to effortlessly reach a global audience through an immersive technology. Unlike 2D platforms, which can be less engaging, the metaverse empowers your company to provide virtual guests with a truly immersive experience using custom avatars, unique realistic worlds, and multiple ways to communicate in real time. These elements combine to create an authentic experience that rivals in-person engagement.

Take Your Metaverse Experience to the Next Level on Holofair

HoloFair, our cutting edge metaverse platform, allows users to effortlessly access and enter the metaverse for an authentic user experience. Using their customizable 3D avatar, guests can build authentic connections with one another. Completely customizable, HoloFair can virtually create any venue to meet the specific needs of your organization and event. 

If you’re interested in bringing your business into the metaverse, book a demo and we will advise you on the best options to get started!

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