With the world slowly starting to return to normal and adjusting to COVID-19, event organizers worldwide are considering the possibility of hybrid events. They recognize that virtual events have been incredibly popular over the past year, but also understand that many people miss the experience of in-person events. That’s where hybrid events come into play! Let’s take a look at what these events are and how they could benefit your organization.


Hybrid Events – What Are They?

Hybrid events combine an in-person event with a virtual event and can come in the form of hybrid conferences, exhibitions, career fairs, and more. While local exhibitors and visitors can attend the event physically, you’ll find that you can enjoy the benefits of reaching a wider audience when using a virtual events platform.

With many individuals and event organizers itching to plan their next in-person event, hybrid events are the perfect solution for anyone who’s unsure about or unable to attend physical events. We all know how ever-changing the rules and regulations surrounding travel are today, so a hybrid event is a great option to protect your future events from this uncertainty.


Hybrid exhibition event


To conclude, COVID-19 shed light on the importance of virtual and hybrid events; however, their immense benefits demand that they stay even in a post-covid world. Here at Outreal XR, we can offer you the assistance you need to set up your next hybrid event, thanks to our 3D virtual events platform, HoloFair. For more information about hosting hybrid or virtual events, don’t hesitate to contact our team today!


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