It was 2019 when the global events industry became upended, with all in-person events banned because of lockdowns and strict social distancing rules. Live events failed to take place and companies were forced to move to remote working models, which led to the advent of the virtual events landscape. Organisers were just coming to grips with the world of virtual events when metaverse started gaining momentum. 

The metaverse is where the digital and physical worlds merge. It came under the spotlight after Facebook’s pivot to Meta. The metaverse is quickly capturing the interest and imagination of people around the world. It is evident by the number of organisers that have moved their events to the metaverse. 

Very recently, a fashion show was organized within the metaverse where some of the world’s top brands participated. The Australian Open also planned its tournament within the metaverse. Seoul, South Korea, is working towards building one of the most ambitious metaverse projects of all and will become the first major city to enter the metaverse. It is expected that in the next two or three years, most 2D virtual meetings will move to the metaverse.

Here are a few reasons why:

They Help Businesses Save Money

Companies all over the world are already saving a lot of money thanks to virtual event models. Staff, venue, setup and takedown, hotels, meals, and travel expenses are just a few of the areas where a business might save money as it opts for virtual events in the metaverse. In fact, the cost of the virtual meeting platform is the only factor to consider.

Highly Immersive

Unlike 2D experiences, events in the metaverse are highly immersive and makes it easier for multiple participants to communicate with one another in real time as 3D virtual avatars. This being said, HoloFair is your ticket to offer a realistic, life-like space in the metaverse to meet demands for all.

Have a Global Presence

Unlike an in-person event, a virtual event in the metaverse allows your company to widen its reach and engage a much larger audience. It can help your company—and your attendees—overcome geographical barriers. At the end of the day, A company’s ultimate objective in hosting an event is to engage its attendees globally Event organizers have the upper hand in publicizing their event uniquely with effective marketing strategies enabling people to connect and learn more about their product or service in the metaverse on a global scale at ease. This is exactly what HoloFair aims for. Attendees would simply join our metaverse platform through a link with a laptop or a PC.

Key Benefits of Events in the Metaverse

Enjoy Flexibility

As a business, You have a lot of freedom in terms of how you broadcast your event. Whether you’re having a leadership conference, a sales kickoff, or something else, you can choose to make the sessions live and interactive or pre-recorded, invite guest speakers, and more.

Measure Results Without Hassle

Businesses can easily measure various metrics related to their virtual events in the metaverse and get very realistic ideas about how well they are doing. When conducting virtual events, you can collect information on your attendees such as when they logged on, from where they logged on, the number of individuals who attended, the number of interactions, which sessions resonated more with them, and more.

The Metaverse: A Whole New Ball Game

It is not difficult to fathom why virtual events, and now the metaverse, have become so popular. They will continue to remain an integral part of marketing strategies across the business world even when the pandemic is well behind us. 

This is due to the vast range of benefits they bring to businesses in every conceivable industry and their potential role in limiting the business community’s carbon footprint. Businesses all around the world can produce profoundly interesting and gratifying 3D virtual events with careful planning and a well-structured, strategic approach. 

The future lies in businesses embracing the power of technology and reducing overheads, money that could be better utilized for employee wellbeing, bigger and better projects, or giving back to those in need. If you’re looking to offer your virtual event attendees a fully immersive, interactive, and fun platform, HoloFair is your answer! Book a free demo with us to shape your metaverse events in the future!

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