Outreal XR Signs Career Fair Exclusivity with JobsForNationals!

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Outreal XR, UAE’s leading virtual events platform provider, has signed career fair exclusivity with JobsForNationals to promote all ‘Career’ related events across the United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia.

“JobsforNationals has developed strong academic partners within this region. Through our virtual events platform, HoloFair, we hope to evolve these partnerships and revolutionize physical career events into the virtual 3D world. Employers are now able to get the best talent at a fraction of cost and time.”, said Ahmed Tameemi – Chief Executive Officer at Outreal XR.

“HoloFair, a product of Outreal XR, is a one-of-a-kind virtual events platform that presents a unique opportunity to facilitate Emiratisation by encouraging organizations to promote their brand equity and career opportunities to attract exceptional UAE National Talent across the seven Emirates”, said Danish Haidri – Chief Partnerships Officer at JobsForNationals.

Ahmed Tameemi, CEO OutrealXR.com & Danish Haidri, CPO JobsForNationals.com

HoloFair allows real-life events, such as career fairs, to be hosted in the virtual world. Audiences are immersed in a unique 3D journey with no restrictions and limitations. Some of HoloFair’s features include:

  • Personalized avatars through face scanning
  • Communication tools like video calls, voice calls and text chat
  • Contact information exchange
  • Completely customizable venue
  • Availability on web browser and mobile application
  • No VR headset needed

About Outreal XR:

Launched in 2018, Outreal XR is an award winning and leading expert in virtual events, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality custom solutions. The Dubai-based company believes that through extended reality (XR), hybrid events will become the norm, where physical events are supplemented with virtual events.

Outreal XR’s aim is to elevate experiences and for brands and businesses to be more efficient, engaging and advanced. Through XR solutions, brands and consumers can encounter unforgettable 3D journeys and experiences!

About JobsForNationals (JFN):

Launched in 2016, JobsForNationals is UAE’s leading employer branding & recruitment marketing platform, where employers promote their culture, values, workplace and career opportunities to attract exceptional UAE national talent across the seven Emirates.

JFN’s digital marketing team is able to build unique user experiences based on employers brand equity and run email, SMS, and digital marketing promotions targeting the niche audience.

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