The Growth of AR VR Interactive Apps in Dubai

The Growth of AR VR Interactive Apps in Dubai

Interactive Apps on smartphones are one of the most powerful forms of advertising.

Because users process information better when viewed or experienced. Wouldn’t you want to develop an app that would display your product/service and interact with the users? Augmented Reality can help!

With the use of AR in apps, an interaction is established between the user and the product/service. It uses the camera view to display augmented information or a 3D object in a specific place. Reality is being made extraordinary by bringing together the image of the real world and a computer-generated image.

With AR being used in practically every industry, from education, and travel, healthcare and business, it is crucial to offer it in as many variations as possible. And in today’s time, what better than an AR mobile application to attract your target audiences. AR apps are an amazing tool for marketing. They could be used as a virtual showroom, like the IKEA Place app, or location-based apps like the AR version of google maps that gives you additional information of the area you are in and what products, services and activities are available to you.

One of the most recent and successful examples of an AR-powered interactive app is the HoloGuide App which works as a personal tour guide by assisting you with the shortest routes to places of interest. The HoloGuide worked with the Step Conference 2020. Sophia, the 3D projected tour guide assisted visitors of the event to the nearest route leading to their areas and sections of interest within the event venue.

Creating your own AR Interactive App to display your product/service is a techstep to success. There are several ways in which it would benefit your business.

Improved User Experiences

The Growth of AR VR Interactive Apps in Dubai

With the AR app, more information about your business is being provided to the customer, allowing them the benefit of getting a look and feel of your product and then make an informed decision.

Great Marketing

Using an AR app and revamping the way your business is presented will generate enough attention to bring in new customers along with retaining existing customers.

Standing Out

The Growth of AR VR Interactive Apps in Dubai

Having an AR app as a way to present the services you offer will offer you an edge over your competitors. Customers will be more inclined to patronize a product that can give them a clearer and closer idea of the actual product as opposed to simple pamphlet information.

With our ability to bring together physical and virtual, traditional and digital, and maintain the human touch, we at Outreal XR want to work with you to design the most creative AR app experiences that will give your brand the X Factor it deserves to bring in higher sales.