Make no mistake: funding is the most important aspect of any conference or expo. For business launches or promotions, physical events can bring large crowds together in one location. However, virtual events have transformed the entire events landscape as organisers find them to be a more feasible option due to their cost-effectiveness and safety (in view of the Covid-19 pandemic).

But also because they can virtually be attended from any part of the world. No wonder, individuals, academic institutions, and even large organisations are fast turning to online conferences and virtual programmes for conducting seminars, festivals, and various events that were, until a few years ago, a strain on their budget.

Organisers are relying on event platforms to provide their audiences with superior real-time experiences. Platforms for virtual events engage a wide range of consumers and assist exhibitors in maximising ROI for their virtual events.

Let’s take a look at some of the top ways to increase the return on investment for your virtual event.

Plan and Market Your Event Well in Advance

Since you are not restricted by any bottlenecks in a virtual environment—such as your audience’s location, travel requirements, or a specific number of participants, you can get a wide number of people to participate in it. The more participants you get, the bigger your ROI.

So, planning and marketing your event ahead of time—6-8 weeks ideally—is the key to increasing registrations. Most importantly, all your marketing campaigns should include a call to action (CTA) to register for the event. Some ways to promote the event are:

  • Create a dedicated webpage that contains all pertinent information.
  • Drop promo videos or teasers of your virtual event on your company’s website, social media outlets, and newsletter to promote the event.
  • Create valuable material (blogs, social media posts, and YouTube videos) that helps foster trust among your target audience.

Grow Your Online Audience

As the name suggests, virtual events are all about ensuring and perpetuating your presence online. And you can only guarantee your success in this domain if you have a wide outreach and a sizeable audience. Therefore, to improve ROI for virtual events, it’s all the more important for you to grow your online audience, for it reflects well on your credibility and reputation.

Choose An Interactive Virtual Events Platform

The popularity of virtual events has seen a colossal rise in the last two years. Since the pandemic, a slew of virtual platforms has sprung up that offer safety and convenience, while being easy on the pocket. HoloFair offers you customizable and branded booths while allowing your attendees to engage with interactive content such as live webinars, Q&A sessions, and a variety of games.

Have Appealing Virtual Booth Designs

Virtual trade show organisers must design their activities from a specific location, allowing viewers to study a variety of exhibits. Design your booth based on your brand guidelines, photos, logos, and posters to make your virtual event more appealing allows attendees to seek more information and eventually increases their chances of being converted into leads. Here are HoloFair’s branded booth ideas designed previously!

Improving ROI For Virtual Events

Engage All The Way

One of the best ways businesses can promote their products/services online is through interactive videos and live streams. Doing online exhibitions through live streams, integrating a pre-recorded video, or hosting workshops into your virtual event can increase audience engagement and gives them a better picture of what you are selling which, in turn, helps your business generate leads.

Gamification Can Be a Big Hit

HoloFair is your gateway to a gamified event. Gamification can go a long way in increasing attendance and engagement and can have a direct impact on your ROI. Introducing prize-winning contests and useful advice can be entertaining, and attendees will appreciate the variety of booth exhibits. Attendees will be encouraged to make the most of the virtual events platform space and spend some great time playing a variety of games. Find out how to gamify your next event.

Public surveys

Attendees may be new to the event and wondering which exhibitor will be most beneficial to them. To make it easier for them, create a survey. Send a survey asking about their product and service preferences. You can pair them with appropriate exhibitors as they respond. Doing so not only saves your audience time but also helps you increase the ROI on your virtual events.

The Bottom Line

To make your virtual event a memorable experience in every conceivable way, HoloFair offers one of the best virtual events platforms for all your virtual business trade fairs, conferences, virtual offices and more. A one-of-a-kind blend of innovation, best-in-class technology, stunning design, and high-quality content that result in an exciting experience that maximizes your potential beyond measure. Take the first step by booking a demo with our team of experts to know how to plan your next virtual event!

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