Top 4 Benefits of Avatar-Based Virtual Events

Avatar-Based Virtual Events

Just like with everything else, the pandemic has completely transformed how humans interact with each other in business and personal life. Avatar-based virtual events have found widespread appeal over the last few months. Thousands of businesses are switching to these 3D virtual events to establish, nurture, and grow relationships with customers, partners, and employees. These virtual events are highly engaging, stimulating, and immersive, they mimic real-life events, and can offer real-time interaction between people – making them a big hit within the business community in literally every industry.

While 2D platforms such as Zoom and WebEx carried us through the pandemic, businesses quickly understood that there was a need for better interactivity and connectivity. This is where avatar-based virtual events struck the right note. If you want a birds-eye view of what the future holds for the events industry, then take a look at our Ultimate Virtual Events Statistics list.

Avatar-Based Virtual Events: What Makes Them So Popular?

Avatars in virtual events is a user’s online identity for a virtual event. Avatars are quickly gaining popularity because they allow attendees to form better connections and real-time interactions with exhibitors. Underneath it all, avatars underscore inclusivity, create more life-like experiences for attendees, and offer a sense of belonging.

Top Four Benefits of Avatar-Based Virtual Events

The transition towards hybrid and virtual events is here to stay, even as the world has gone back to normalcy and restrictions have eased. There are many reasons why organizations are opting for avatar-based virtual events. Virtual events offer a more realistic chance at ramping up attendee engagement levels while offering more value. They also offer several other benefits including widening organizers’ reach, growing event attendance, and offering a fool-proof and safe way to grow an event’s stature and visibility. Here are the top four benefits of avatar-based virtual events.

1. Build your Virtual Identity

People from all walks of life create and rigorously maintain their online social media presence. On the other hand, we take this a step further by creating a virtual identity via avatars. It guarantees much better communication compared to social media as avatar-based events mimic hyper-realistic environments. Participants can interact with one another in real-time and users can fully customize themselves in unlimited and flexible ways to represent themselves.

Bitmoji is a great example. The software creates personalized cartoon stickers that are used by 200 million people everyday. This confirms a rapidly growing interest in building virtual identities. With HoloFair, users can create their profiles by selecting their preferred ‘customisable’ avatar, name, designation, and company name before attending a virtual event on our 3D virtual platform.

2. People Can Share Real ‘3D Virtual’ Experiences

Human beings have lived in societies and families from the very beginning. This is why we all seek validation, sharing, and communal experiences. Virtual avatar-based events provide that – and more. According to this research on the effects of avatars on co-presence, the feeling of being in a space with another person or group of people, life-like and realistic avatars increase feelings of shared experiences.

Top 4 Benefits of Avatar-Based Virtual Events

3. Unparalleled Immersive Experiences

The best thing about avatar-based events is that they offer a highly immersive experience to users. It is a great, cost-effective, and safe alternative to physical and hybrid events both of which offer deep engagement for attendees. Avatars give a realistic overall feel and allow users to enjoy real-time communication, connection, and rapport-building opportunities between potential business partners as they attend avatar-based events.

4. Higher Engagement Levels Unlike 2D Platforms

Zoom fatigue is real and virtual events are here to offer respite and much higher engagement levels. Virtual events offer an exciting new alternative that is guaranteed to boost engagement levels. This is precisely what HoloFair provides. We aim for our attendees to have more control over their individual experiences by navigating, networking, exchanging information, or even playing interesting games. The list goes on! 

HoloFair currently offers 4 ready avatars and custom avatars. Take a look at the custom avatars created for our clients, Emirates Global Aluminum and Emirates Steel. We are also excited to launch brand new features that will allow users to customize avatars using face scanning to create a very personal and hyper-realistic look for each user.


An avatar-based virtual event offers its users the best of both physical and online worlds.  From sharing communal experiences to being highly engaging, avatar-based virtual events are helping businesses breath new life into their online events. And best of all, they mimic real-life events and offer genuine and real-time interaction opportunities to users. 

If you want to host your first avatar-based 3D virtual event with unlimited networking and gamification opportunities, HoloFair is your one-stop solution.

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