Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the world witnessed a remarkable boom in digitalization and remote working culture. This increased the demand for virtual events and made them trendy. Several businesses and brands have moved to virtual event platforms. Thus, to meet up with the rising demand for virtual events, many platforms have come up with many advanced features. With the advancement of the latest technologies, users can accommodate all of their needs, such as customization of a personal avatar, multiple meeting environments, and many more. Along with this, for comparison, there are built-in supports that facilitate file sharing, videocasting, and laser pointers.

Virtual events platforms are designed to be used for several corporate purposes as they are specifically tailored with some business-oriented features. Therefore, choosing the right platform enables you to create a unique virtual scenario resulting in remote attendees engaging with the ongoing content, other participants or peers involved in the event.

Notable Features of Virtual Event Platform to Look for

A virtual event platform is an interactive and impressive software solution that allows you to replicate a real-world premise into an astounding digital space where guests can gain knowledge, interact with brands, and explore products. Virtual event platforms broadly add value to digital events.

So, with the help of our experience and expertise in this field, we have covered some precious features of virtual event platforms to ease your exploration.

Friendly User Experience (UX)

Look for a virtual event platform that is easier to use and navigate. HoloFair is one such user-friendly platform for creating and hosting different digital events. It is designed while keeping the host and the attendee’s experience in mind. With the prime goal of promoting social interaction, the platform must let you host virtual events without compromising real-life engagement. With an intuitive user interface, participants will know who’s a speaker, sponsor and attendee.

Live Polling, Live Chat, Q&A Sessions

The LiveQ&A, polling and chat features enable the virtual attendee to interact with speakers in webinars, guest lectures or panels. As they are common in virtual events, these features provide a better way to create engagement between speakers and attendees. Also, it helps to keep the event fatigue at bay.

Virtual Events Portal

Access to the event portal is the key feature of a virtual event platform because it makes the event planning simple and helps the planner save time and money. With this feature, you can create customized event pages, upload content and build your venue from a variety of templates suitable for your event. That’s the way of the future!


Look for a customizable platform that enables the exhibitors, hosts and sponsors to supply their branding and style, and allows the attendees to interact with multiple hosts, speakers, or exhibitors. Features like content sharing, quizzes, games, and speed dating formats will encourage interaction. Therefore, as per the event strategy, it lets the hosts make several integrations to create a truly professional and streamlined event for their attendees.


Another most powerful and attractive feature of the virtual event platform is gamification because it boosts the engagement of the virtual audience and provides them with a unique gaming experience. Moreover, through this feature, participants can earn points for watching the session, messaging other attendees and visiting exhibitors booths; which also increases interactions with exhibitors and partner content

Communication Options

One of the most beneficial features of an online event hosting platform is the variety of communication options. Through these features, attendees and event organizers can easily communicate with each other. Additionally, it provides video chat and helps desk options for guests to connect with one another, organizers, and speakers in a face-to-face way making it natural.

Different Venues

Among several features of the virtual event platform, customizable space is another most useful feature that helps in creating a good user experience. Some common ones are: lobby, auditorium/theatre, exhibition hall, meeting lounge, networking space, etc.

Final Words

Now that you have got all the necessary information to choose your virtual event platforms from numerous options available in the market. HoloFair is the leading virtual events platform in the MENA region. Therefore, it is the right platform to host your event online and connect with your target audience. We suggest browsing our website to explore what HoloFair can do for you and book a demo soon!