Whether you are hosting a virtual exhibition to spread the word about your brand or to get businesses to invest in your company, engagement with your audience is the key to the success of any event. Here are ten things you can do to make your event as engaging as it is informative!


1. Set Up a Virtual Lobby

Even though your audiences are participating through a screen, a virtual event can feel realistic as you get to place them in a three-dimensional simulated environment.

Devise a common space or lobby where they can view other attendees. Open up this lobby well before the start of the event so that those who are early can talk to each other and network before moving around the online exhibition.



5. Make It Interactive

When you are demonstrating your product or service, find ways to make it engaging for your viewers. Ask your viewers to participate in a poll that gets their anticipation up. The poll could have a short and fun survey regarding a particular problem that most people face, which your service solves.

Gamify the experience by hosting small competitions for your attendees. For example, after demonstrating to a group of people, conduct a pop quiz and give some discount coupons for the winners. Also, you can provide them with stamps for every booth they check out and at the end of the event, give a special voucher for those who have collected all the stamps or badges.

Another creative way to do this is to give your attendees points in all virtual booth activities and consolidate them on a leaderboard. For example, you can fix 10 points for attending a demonstration, 20 points for participating in a live pop quiz, 50 points for winning a game… you get the hang of it, right?

Alternatively, you can even limit access to certain parts of the event until they cross a particular score! This will build curiosity and encourage them to gain points.


6. Let Them Discuss

The aim of going virtual with your exhibition should be to give your visitors the best of both worlds: the convenience of attending from their homes and the fun of browsing through various exhibits with friends and colleagues.

Conversing with other people about your product is more likely to stay in their memory for longer. The best way to do this is to use a virtual events platform that allows attendees to communicate with one another in real-time.


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