Be it to advertise your brand, build awareness for a new product, or simply plan a get-together for your staff, virtual events are easy, convenient, and cost-effective!

Let’s look at a few types of events that you can host virtually for your audience.


1. Emerging Technology Virtual Events

What better way to show off the new technologies you develop than a virtual fair? You can have booths showing your products and live sessions with speakers.

It would be a fantastic opportunity for networking that tech connoisseurs won’t want to miss. They can find like-minded tech enthusiasts and review your technology. You could use the feedback to roll out better versions of your technology.

If it is software, you can give your visitors a glimpse of the experience by letting them use a demo version of it in your virtual booth.

Take a look at some top international technology expos here!


Virtual art fair and art gallery


5. Online Thesis Display Events

There are various logistical challenges to attending science and technology conferences in other cities, states, or even countries. To get your research out to the public, you can organize a virtual thesis display event. Here you can present your findings and projects to a large number of people.

With virtual events, you can show 3D models of your ideas and let your audience experience simulations from any location worldwide. You can take feedback from professors and experts in the field and get potential funding for future research.

The world’s largest technical professional organization, IEEE, has been conducting many of its conferences online since 2020. You can see the upcoming conferences here.


6. Virtual B2B Events

Organizing a business-to-business live event can widen your business’ reach to a whole new demographic. You can connect with like-minded business owners and come up with new ideas. Since one can access a virtual event at any time, time zones will not pose a problem. You can increase the shelf life of your event so that people can visit it afterwards.

You can showcase your products and services with the best technology in your customized virtual booths. Conduct polls, discussion panels, and feedback surveys to find out how you can better advertise the services you offer.

Online events allow you to customize every attendee’s experience based on their interests and preferences. You can leave a good impression on your customers by showing them how you can serve them best, tailored to their use-case scenario.

Adobe Marketing Summit was a free virtual event with sessions and workshops covering B2B marketing, campaign management, digital commerce, developer ecosystem, et cetera.

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