Whether you’re exhibiting at a physical trade show or a virtual exhibition, your goal remains the same: how do I attract more visitors to my booth and get more leads?

Luckily, exhibitions that are hosted online have less restrictions and grant more customization features to exhibitors. This allows you to take engagement to another level and generate more interest. If you’re looking for tips on how to make your virtual booth a lead magnet, read on!

1. Choose a Stellar 3D Stand Design

Your booth design is one of the key ways to grasp users’ attention. Refrain from sticking to old boring concepts. Since your stand is in the virtual world, the sky is the limit. Try incorporating visually appealing designs that will encourage users to explore your booth.

Tip: try including an animated element to make things really exciting. Lacking design ideas? We recommend checking CG Trader or Turbo Squid for inspiration!

2. Brand, Brand, Brand!

It’s important to emphasize your company branding in your virtual booth. Make sure to have your logo clearly displayed on several areas of your stand. In this way, event visitors will be able to identify your booth from any distance.

Try presenting your logo in 3D or to take things up a notch, implement a logo-building game. Just like that, your attendees can have fun while simultaneously interacting with your brand.

3. Clearly Indicate What You Do

Your attendees need to easily understand the value you provide. Make sure to create an enticing poster about who you are, what you do, and why clients choose you. This is particularly helpful for visitors who have not heard about your brand yet. Don’t forget to list all of your services and products as well.

Tip: have a ‘contact us’ form easily available for visitors who may have any inquiries.

4. Content is King

Your visitors should never feel disappointed after visiting your booth. Prepare useful videos, brochures, presentations, and images for your audience. Ensure that these promotional contents are viewable and downloadable.

If you’re looking to ‘wow’ attendees, try presenting your content using interactive screens. These are engaging screens that show different content when clicked on. We implemented numerous interactive screens for Emirates Global Aluminium during their Virtual Culture Event, have a look here!

5. Virtual Promoters and Representatives

One of the main reasons people attend virtual events is to network. It is absolutely necessary to have dedicated promoters available at your virtual booth to converse with visitors. Prepare your promoters with answers to frequently asked questions as well as promotional materials they may use while networking. 

If you have a wide variety of products and services, it’s best to assign different specialized representatives. Create dedicated areas for your team members so visitors can find them easily.

6. Display Stands

Don’t limit your virtual booth to 2D content, but also try to include some 3D product displays. These could be your newest launches, most popular pieces, or even attractions where your company was involved.

For instance, we incorporated numerous beautiful display stands for Emirates Global Aluminium displaying how their aluminium was used in well-known attractions such as Burj Khalifa and Ferrari World.

7. Event Freebies

There’s no doubt that the best part of physical events are event freebies, but how is that translated in the virtual world? Event coupons! With virtual coupon codes, you may give your attendees discounts on services, gifts, and more.

We recommend hiding the coupon codes in your booth content, such as inside videos and PDFs. In this manner, you encourage visitors to explore your booth and engage with your content. For instance, during GCC CIGRE’s Virtual GCC Power 2021 event, we hid numerous coupons in sponsor booths to ramp up engagement. View the event video here!

8. Booth Games

A great way to make your virtual booth stand out is through games. Some excellent examples are coupon hunt, trivia quizzes, spin the wheel, tower-building and puzzles.

Try adjusting the games to your company services and branding. For example, quiz attendees about your newest product offering or your company history.

Now that you’ve got all the necessary tools to make your virtual booth a success, we suggest you visit our blog on different ways to engage visitors at virtual exhibitions.

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