With the whole world embracing virtual events, you’ve probably attended (or even hosted) an online event or exhibition. For many, the move towards digitalized events may have felt overwhelming. You might’ve been exceptional at networking in physical events, but had a hard time behind a screen.

As experts in the ever-growing field of virtual events, we’ve compiled a list to make the process less daunting. Follow the tips below, and you’ll find yourself making the most of any and every virtual event! 


1. Put It in Your Calendar

Give online events the same time and attention as physical events. Most often, individuals underestimate virtual events since they take place online; but it is necessary to take a couple of hours off your daily responsibilities to fully enjoy the event. By booking the event into your calendar, you ensure to attend and avoid scheduling anything else at the same time.


7. Set Appropriate Goals

As Benjamin Franklin wisely stated, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. It is important to outline what you aim to achieve out of attending the virtual event. Are you looking to grow your network? Are you interested in investing in a start-up? Are you trying to gain more knowledge about a specific topic? Set the right goals and analyze how closely you’ve reached them post-event.


8. Network and Mingle

By attending virtual events, you gain access to individuals from all over the globe. These can be industry experts, well-known businessmen, or other attendees like yourself. It is vital to make use of these connections.

Luckily (for those of you who are more of an introvert), virtual events remove the face-to-face barriers of networking. All you have to do is pop a chat or call and you’ve already established the initial connection. You can even exchange virtual business cards and contact them at a later stage.


Final Thoughts

As we move towards a progressive future, virtual events have become the norm. It is absolutely recommended to welcome these changes and arm yourselves with the necessary training to make the best use of them.


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