What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “event”? Bright lights, designer outfits, and time crunches? Well, not anymore. Chances are 90% of the events on your calendar this month are through a screen. Virtual events are all the fun, minus the hassle of reaching the venue. They save you time, money, and energy!

You can host internal and external virtual events depending on your event’s goals. If you’re looking for ideas for your upcoming events, get your reading glasses on because this will take a while!


What Are Internal Virtual Events?

An internal event is one that you have within your organization, with your stakeholders and employees. There can be several reasons to have internal events, ranging from workshops and seminars to emphasizing company values.

Internal events are necessary to build rapport with employees, so they can work with a positive mindset and be successful in their work. Co-workers developing personal relationships with each other will make them better at collaborating with one another.

Whether it is a diversity and inclusion workshop, a felicitation ceremony, a celebration of milestones, or even an office Christmas party, you can take all of your internal events online. Ice-breaking and team-building events can also be hosted virtually.

By hosting these internal virtual events, everyone can attend from wherever they are. You can even expand your internal events to employees from various branches of your company. Whoever is locally available can visit the in-person event, while the rest of the crew and those from other branches can attend the event online. This combination is called a hybrid event, and it gives you the best of both worlds.

Suppose you have an annual staff gathering to encourage team-building between your employees across the world. In that case, you can invite your international staff to join the event virtually and perform the same exercises online. This is another example of an internal hybrid event where all your staff members can stay in the loop.


Internal Virtual Events on HoloFair

Our 3D virtual events platform, HoloFair, has hosted incredible internal virtual events. For instance, Pyxis & Partners hosted their first virtual staff gathering using HoloFair. This event typically took place in Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi, UAE. However, in 2021, Pyxis and their sister companies decided to host it digitally for the first time. HoloFair’s team was tasked with recreating this majestic park in 3D and coming up with appealing activities for the staff.

Without fail, our team created the virtual environment from scratch and incorporated engaging activities such as Treasure Hunt, Wall of Fame Tunnel, and more, for the employees of Pyxis and partner companies. This three day event was a complete success and saw a total of 2.7K+ visits over the event days. Sounds exciting? View the event here.


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