What Are Virtual Events Platforms?

What Are Virtual Events Platforms - Virtual Events Platform, Software, Solutions

Virtual Conferencing vs. Virtual Events Platforms

Most of the current virtual events are done through virtual conferencing softwares like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. While these are excellent forms of online video chat, how do we translate big expos, exhibitions, and ceremonies to virtual form? Here is where virtual events platforms shine. For instance, HoloFair, our custom-developed virtual events and exhibitions platform, is able to precisely replicate real-life events. Virtual platforms, such as ours, are able to do much more than online video chatting. We can host thousands of users and unlimited number of virtual booths, create custom environments and venues, incorporate live-streaming, and much more.

HoloFair – Your Ultimate Virtual Events Platform

HoloFair is an interactive, multi-user online system where real users can interact with one another in real-time. Through HoloFair, users across the globe can connect with each other in the world of 3D. Event organizers have the freedom to host virtual exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, career fairs, graduations, or any custom event needed. HoloFair can even act as a supplement to physical events, forming a hybrid event.

What Makes HoloFair Unique?

  • Fully customizable platform, from avatars and registration page to exhibition hall or even entire event venue
  • Face scanning capability allows users to recognize colleagues virtually
  • Incredibly realistic 3D environment, aiming to resemble real-life as much as possible
  • Ability to host up to 10,000 attendees, unlimited booths/stands, and endless content (videos, images, presentations, brochures)
  • Availability on web browser and mobile application
  • Networking tools such as video calls, voice calls, text chat and contact information exchange
  • Ability to integrate an e-commerce system
  • Ability to incorporate live-streaming, polls, surveys and public announcements within the platform
  • Ability to gamify events such as trivia, treasure hunt, and puzzle games
  • Ability to gather useful metrics and analytics about user behavior such as how many videos were watched, which booths performed the best, and more

How Can I Host My Virtual Event on HoloFair?

Hosting your virtual event on HoloFair is extremely simple. First, we will set up a guided demo to show you how HoloFair works and its vast capabilities. Simultaneously, we will learn about your scope and what you are looking for. Then, we will brainstorm ideas for your virtual event to give you a clear view of how your needs and requirements will be met. Next, we will discuss pricing options . Once everything is confirmed, we will have a final meeting to discuss every detail of your scope. Finally, you can sit back and relax while we build your ideal virtual event!

To learn more about HoloFair, visit our YouTube channel, Instagram, LinkedIn, or contact us directly.

To learn more or get a free guided demo, please contact us directly.

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