VR Companies in Dubai: Thinking Outside the Box

VR Companies in Dubai: Thinking Outside the Box

VR Company Dubai

When people talk about Dubai, they talk about innovation, style, and diverse & successful businesses. It is one of the fastest developing cities in the world.  One of the most useful and flourishing innovations we, as a city, have adopted is Virtual Reality.

Using VR for marketing and promotions will allow the company to express a message to the specific audience they need to reach. There are a number of reasons why any company should consider looking at virtual reality as a way to promote and take their business to the next level.

Innovative Training

Incorporating VR into company training is by far, one of the most cost and time-efficient solutions yet. The employee you hire can easily receive hands-on training and learn the ropes of their job faster and perform better. Another example of innovative VR is space research by NASA to control robots on Mars and finding out a way to destress astronauts on missions.

VR Companies in Dubai: Thinking Outside the Box

Marketing Campaigns

A good marketing plan may prove to be the much-needed push to establish a company and make the message exceptional. An interactive experience will give them a detailed look and feel of the brand and allow them the freedom to make an informed choice. One of the most successful examples of VR being used in marketing is Samsung’s ‘A Moon For All Mankind’ campaign which was designed to provide people with a moon landing experience on a VR created moon.


VR can help companies work out solutions to problems. It is as simple as simulating the situation and determining the most effective solution for your company. It is being used in schools, in hospitals, for mental health, and even in museums.

VR is an immensely immersive technology that brings forth out of the box ideas. Depending on the experience a company chooses to create, it would take only between 3 to 8 weeks to develop the perfect fit for the company. It saves time and money.

VR Companies in Dubai: Thinking Outside the Box

Our team at Outreal XR works to fulfill these very needs by providing tailored options as per your requirement. We can help to get your business noticed and make your targeted customers aware of your brand, incorporating VR into other aspects of your business to keep it running smoothly and effectively, and help you take your established business to new heights. With the use of every service we provide, from augmented reality and virtual reality, to mixed reality, we can customize a solution specific to your company. Our aim is to innovate and bridge the gap between physical and virtual.