The Ultimate Virtual Events 2021 Statistics List

Virtual Events Statistics

Do you find it difficult to make informed decisions regarding your virtual events? Don't worry, we've got the numbers! We've compiled a list of have-to-know virtual events statistics that covers everything, from event planning to forecasts. General Virtual Events Statistics According to event planners, the main benefits of virtual events are increased reach (number of […]

The Complete Guide to Virtual Events

Virtual events platforms - Virtual event Solutions - Virtual events software

Virtual events are events that are hosted online, typically resembling a physical event. These events can be attended by people across the globe without any geographic barriers. All that is needed is a working device and reliable internet connection.

The Complete Guide to Virtual Career Fairs

The Complete Guide to Virtual Career Fairs (2021 Edition) - Virtual Events Platform, Software, Solutions

Virtual career fairs allow businesses to hire employees via an online 3D setting, through which they can connect with prospective candidates from anywhere on the planet.