2D Vs 3D Virtual Events Platforms

Many businesses depend on conducting conferences, gatherings, and events to boost awareness or acquire investments. Hosting virtual events allow these firms to avoid the logistical complexities of in-person events and focus more on creating quality content. However, you need to use the right virtual events platform to plan an effective virtual event. A suitable platform […]

How Can Your Brand Leverage The Metaverse?

The ever-changing dynamics of the digital landscape have made it mandatory for brands to incorporate the latest technology. Metaverse, for example, is a rapidly emerging trend that businesses can leverage to provide customers and clients with a better and more immersive brand experience. In its true essence, the metaverse combines the internet, AR, and VR […]

How Can Gamification Level Up Your Virtual Event?

Trivia quizzes gamification for virtual events platform

Gamification can instantly level up your virtual events. It is proven to be an effective strategy for driving higher engagement. With gamification, event organizers can add elements such as scoring and competition to traditionally non-game virtual settings, thereby increasing members’ participation, productivity, and attention spans. It also allows attendees to build deeper relationships with each other […]

Top 4 Benefits of Avatar-Based Virtual Events

Avatar-Based Virtual Events

Just like with everything else, the pandemic has completely transformed how humans interact with each other in business and personal life. Avatar-based virtual events have found widespread appeal over the last few months. Thousands of businesses are switching to these 3D virtual events to establish, nurture, and grow relationships with customers, partners, and employees. These […]

3 Questions to Ask When Researching a Virtual Trade Show Platform

3 Questions to Ask When Researching a Virtual Trade Show Platform

In today’s digital era, virtual trade shows are breaking the trend and have become popular among businesses. Virtual exhibitions have evolved due to technological advancements and an increase in virtual event platforms. Thus, they are now able to provide an authentic real-life experience. Moreover, virtual trade shows have a unique approach and strategy for lead […]

Virtual Event Platform Features: What to Look for?

Virtual Event Platform Features What to Look for

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the world witnessed a remarkable boom in digitalization and remote working culture. This increased the demand for virtual events and made them trendy. Several businesses and brands have moved to virtual event platforms. Thus, to meet up with the rising demand for virtual events, many platforms have come up with many […]

The Evolution of Virtual Events: How Far Have We Come?

It’s rare to see a well-established business without an online presence, such as a website or social media channels. Similarly, the events industry is no longer viable without a digital identity. The popularization of 3D virtual events was brought by the sudden COVID-19 outbreak, however, there is no doubt that its significance is clear by […]

8 Ways to Make Your Virtual Booth More Interactive

Virtual exhibition hall

Whether you’re exhibiting at a physical trade show or a virtual exhibition, your goal remains the same: how do I attract more visitors to my booth and get more leads? Luckily, exhibitions that are hosted online have less restrictions and grant more customization features to exhibitors. This allows you to take engagement to another level […]

How to Attend Virtual Events from Home or Office?

woman attending virtual event

With the whole world embracing virtual events, you’ve probably attended (or even hosted) an online event or exhibition. For many, the move towards digitalized events may have felt overwhelming. You might’ve been exceptional at networking in physical events, but had a hard time behind a screen. As experts in the ever-growing field of virtual events, […]

10 Ways to Engage Visitors at Virtual Exhibitions

10 Ways to Engage Visitors at Virtual Exhibitions in 2021 - Virtual Events Platform, Software, Solutions

Whether you are hosting a virtual exhibition to spread the word about your brand or to get businesses to invest in your company, engagement with your audience is the key to the success of any event. Here are ten things you can do to make your event as engaging as it is informative!   1. […]