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HoloFair allows online event visitors to select an avatar, walk around, and network with each other in real-time. HoloFair has successfully hosted many events and online exhibitions. To learn more about our online events, visit our virtual events page!

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User-Friendly 3D Online Events

HoloFair is an online events platform where individuals can attend different events, online exhibitions, and interact in real-time. It can be accessed by desktop browsers and mobile application.

Attendees can communicate and interact with one another just like a real-life event. They are able to video call, voice call, and text chat with one another; as well as, gain access to each other’s contact information.

HoloFair can virtually create any venue. It is completely customizable and can be branded according to specific client requirements. Event organizers can also implement additional functions such as analytics reports, games, surveys, and more!


Online Events on HoloFair

Frequently Asked Questions

A minimum of one week is needed to set up a online event on HoloFair. However, depending on your event requirements and needs, the estimated time might increase.

HoloFair supports up to 10,000 attendees and unlimited number of booths.

There are no time restrictions with HoloFair. Your virtual event can run 24/7 for months on end.

HoloFair aims to replicate real-life events as precisely as possible. This is why we allow users to either scan their face and create avatars that look exactly like them, or choose one from a set of pre-created avatars. We are able able to create completely customized avatars from scratch. Additionally, avatars can also be color codified, if needed for team-building exercises.

At the moment, we do not support any language other than English. However, we are in the process of integrating a multiple language system.

We can upload pre-recorded videos and content, host live-streamed webinar sessions and enable live Q&A sessions.

You may speak with other users using video calls, audio calls and text chat. You are also able to exchange contact information with other users.

If you are communicating with a user and another user requests to speak to you, you can either admit them and form a group conversation or decline their request.

No, VPN is not needed for calls. You simply need to send a request to the user you wish to contact and get the conversation going.

We have many interactive features developed within HoloFair for maximum engagement. You are able to host live webinars and streaming, alongside a live Q&A session. We also have a dedicated networking lounge where users can spend time communicating through video calls, voice calls, and text chat. Users can even exchange contact information with one another. You may embed surveys and polls within your virtual event as well.

You are able to monetize your online event in the same way that you would monetize a physical event. You can charge for virtual booth space and vary pricing based on booth location. You can also charge exhibitors for extra branding or for sponsorships across the venue. Additionally, you may charge visitors through virtual event ticket sales.

We offer gamification – we have game development modules that allow us to implement different types of game logic. Some of the possible mechanics are treasure hunt, trivia quiz, brand tower, obstacle course. Game logics have to be defined and tested before the event.

There are several ways to register users within HoloFair:

  1. Users can manually register into the platform.
  2. Users can access the platform with a specific access code or password.
  3. Event organizers can provide us with a CSV file that includes all users’ details and we will pre-register them into the platform.

HoloFair allows for customization of full event venue, exhibition hall, auditorium, networking lounge, meeting room, booths and stands, and avatars. You may even gamify your event with fun virtual games and activities. We are able to replicate any physical event you require, from A to Z.

If accessed through a desktop, HoloFair does not require any downloads and can be accessed through any standard web browser. If accessed through a mobile device or tablet, HoloFair application must be downloaded through play or app store. Please note that a stable internet connection is required, regardless of device used.

Yes, HoloFair is 99.99% safe and secure. Our server is hosted on a reliable cloud hosting platform, which is also trusted by governmental and private entities.

Yes, we can provide you with complete event analytics and metrics such as data regarding actions of every user in the platform, event turnout, content viewed and downloaded, and other useful statistics.

We have a dedicated team available 24/7 on live event days for all your support needs. Should any problem occur during your event, our technical team will be on standby for assistance.

We will provide you with minor training in regards to moderator access and controls. This includes simple tasks such as modifying videos in the virtual auditorium and other easy controls that may be required for your event.