How to Whitelist HoloFair on Private Networks?

If you are accessing HoloFair from a private network, kindly make sure the following links are accessible and whitelisted:

  1. – Main domain to access the platform.
  2. wss:// – Web-socket address the platform uses to communicate with the server.
  3. – Domain HoloFair uses to download content. The full path may look like this:
  4. * – Domain and subdomains HoloFair uses to provide audio and video calls using WebRTC. Following IP address needs to be whitelisted as well:
  5. – Subdomain HoloFair uses to provide mass live-stream.
  6. Below is the full list of ports which HoloFair uses to operate:
    • 80 (HTTP)
    • 8080 (TCP)
    • 9932 (UDP)
    • 9933 (TCP)
    • 8443 (TCP)
    • 443 (HTTPS)
    • 3478
    • 5349
  7. Please make sure UDP and TCP traffics are not blocked.
  8. Please make sure wss is allowed. For verification of wss protocol, please use this link. It should show all green checks.