Metaverse Services

Build, host, and monetize mind-blowing metaverse experiences and events for your community on our fully customizable metaverse platform, HoloFair.

From jaw-dropping gamified experiences to fully-functional customer support centers, HoloFair is your gateway to a seamless 3D universe where your vision is brought to vibrant, interactive reality.

Empower your audience to interact with each other in real-time using personalized 3D avatars and explore environments that are as realistic or imaginative as you desire.

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Metaverse Services on HoloFair

Frequently Asked Questions

Metaverse events are a much more tailored and creative way to host an event. These events are typically hosted on metaverse events software (such as HoloFair), where visitors can interact with each other as avatars and the 3D environments around them.

In a typical metaverse event setting, attendees can network in real-time, attend webinars, participate in games, explore interactive content in 3D booths, and much more.

HoloFair is a fully customizable metaverse platform used to build, host, and monetize memorable virtual experiences for agencies, enterprises, and government entities. What makes HoloFair unique is its ability to customize the entire metaverse experience from 3D environments and integrations to gamification capabilities.

The metaverse brings an innovative approach to hosting virtual events where any event is possible. Most metaverse events on HoloFair fall into the below categories:

  • Metaverse Exhibitions
  • Metaverse Conferences
  • Metaverse Annual Events
  • Metaverse Career Fairs

HoloFair supports up to 1,000 concurrent users in a single venue. However, more users can be supported if they are not concurrent.

Visitors can attend your metaverse event using a desktop, mobile, or tablet device connected to a reliable public internet connection.

This varies based on your metaverse event’s scope. A small-scale event using our ready-made template designs requires a minimum of 2 weeks to deliver. However, a large-scale event with custom environments or new features requires a longer time.

Absolutely, HoloFair is able to track every user’s behavior on the platform. Metrics such as content views, popular venue areas, best performing booths, and attendees’ overall behavior and engagement can be tracked and shared with you.

Yes, of course. Our team will be available to support you during live event days and be active via live chat for visitor queries. Additionally, we will provide you with basic training regarding access and moderator control such as uploading content and other easy controls that may be required for your metaverse event.

HoloFair is GDPR compliant as our platform does not store or process user data that is linked to visitors’ real identity. The only user data that is processed and stored is their virtual positions on our multiplayer server.

We’d love to help you build your metaverse event on HoloFair. Reach out to us via email, phone, or schedule a demo with our team to explore HoloFair’s capabilities and share your metaverse event’s requirements.