Metaverse Conferences

Host your online conference in the 3D virtual world and impress your audience with unmatched functionalities like live Q&A sessions, reaction emotes, polls and surveys, and much more on our virtual event conference platform.

Leave typical video conferencing software behind and present your webinars in a unique and highly engaging manner.


Host live-streamed speaker sessions while presenting digital collateral.

Live Q&A

Allow attendees to ask speakers questions in real-time or react with our emotes.

High Engagement

Increase interaction with your event using virtual stands and networking features.

Create Customizable Online Conferences Using Our Virtual Event Platform

Custom Registration Form

  • Your registration page says a lot about your event. Take the time to create a registration form that’s impressive, concise and beautifully branded.

Personalized Avatars

  • Personalization is key! That is why our virtual conference platform scans the faces of your attendees in order to create an avatar that looks just like them.
  • We can also create any avatar imaginable, which means you won’t be limited by the technology at hand!

Customize Your Conference

  • Build the conference venue you’ve always wanted. Astonish your audience with an impressive venue design like they’ve never seen before. Build a completely customized venue or replicate any physical space.
virtual avatars in online auditorium
Online video call, voice call and text chat in virtual custom event platform

Communicate With Attendees in Real-Time

Call and Chat

  • Meeting new people at a conference just got easier thanks to our video call, voice call and text chat features.
  • Speak one-on-one or in a group setting with anyone in attendance.

Virtual Business Cards

  • Don’t forget to interact with other users and check out their virtual “business card” – it’s a great way to make connections and a good introduction to start a video/voice call!

Educate Attendees & Answer Questions Live Using Our Virtual Conference Platform


  • Your virtual conference can be live or pre-recorded.
  • Webinars can be held simultaneously in different auditoriums with video, image, and slideshow capabilities.

Live Q&A Sessions

  • Answer any questions your audience may have on the spot.
  • You can also check to see how you’re doing so far by viewing how many guests are reacting in real time (clapping, raising hands, waving).

Speaker Profiles and Stand Content

  • Let the audience get to know your presenters. Create custom stands for each speaker with information about their work and expertise.
  • Share digital content with visitors such as videos, images, presentations, brochures and more.
  • Visitors may download these useful content for later review.
Watch live streamed webinars in our virtual auditorium
Online leaderboard game

Add Some Friendly Competition To Your Virtual Event

Virtual Treasure Hunt

  • Give brain teaser clues and hide treasures in your conference hall to engage and encourage attendees to explore the event venue.

Trivia Quizzes

  • Keep your audience engaged and alert with fun trivia quizzes about different topics and details about your virtual event.

Brand Tower

  • Stay unforgettable with this fun game! Let your audience build your company logo using 3D blocks, similar to a tower-building game.


  • Get the competitive spirit flowing by keeping track of who’s winning and who really needs to catch up in your virtual games.

Understand Your Audience Through Analytics On Our Virtual Conference Platform

Measure Attendee Interactions

  • Set KPIs and goals, then find out how you did!
  • Setting up clear goals is a great way to measure your success and to show the business what can be achieved through a virtual event.
  • Our team will give you access to data sources that allow you to have better and more analytical insights into your event.
Gain analytics about users in virtual events platform

Virtual Conferences and Events on HoloFair

Virtual Conference FAQs

A minimum of one week is needed to set up a virtual conference on HoloFair. However, depending on your event requirements and needs, the estimated time might increase.

There are no time restrictions with HoloFair. Your virtual event can run 24/7 for months on end.

We can upload pre-recorded videos and content, host live webinar sessions and enable live Q&A sessions.

If you are communicating with a user and another user requests to speak to you, you can either admit them and form a group conversation or decline their request.

We offer gamification – we have game development modules that allow us to implement different types of game logic. Some of the possible mechanics are Tower Defense, Hide and Seek, Puzzles, Treasure Hunt, and Collect Points. Game logics have to be defined and tested before the event.

We have a dedicated team available on hand for all your support needs. Should any problem occur during your event, our technical team will be on standby for assistance.