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Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to Outreal XR. Please read our privacy policy carefully to understand our practice and policy with respect to users’ personal information and data.
This policy explains how users’ information and data are collected, used, processed, and protected. These terms are applied to any user who visits our website www.outrealxr.com. For the purpose of this agreement, “us” “we” “our” “this website” and “our website” is referred to Outreal XR or Outrealxr.com. Our privacy policy does not apply to any offline data collection.

1. User Confidentiality and Data Protection

Outreal XR commits to protecting every user’s personal details and data by following our legal obligations. Your privacy matters to us and we will not to sell your information to any third party websites. The data is shared by the user’s acknowledgment and agrees that it is entirely responsible for any information it provides to use our requirements and services. Majority of the data is collected when a user visits our websites and or corresponds to us via electronic communication (emails, contact us form, chat etc.) The following points mentioned below are the types of data and information we may collect when you visit our website and inquire about our services or products.

1.1. What Data Do We Collect When You Inquire About Our Services

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone number
  • Company/organization name

1.2. Usage Information Collection

  • IP address
  • Domain name system requests
  • Browser language and type
  • Demographic information
  • History of data and time of accessing our website
  • Monitor metrics: Page visited, number of visitors, number of clicks etc.
  • Device ID/ Mac address
  • Operating system, Device type/identifiers


Some of this data is gathered anonymously when a user visits and browses our website through third-party web analytic websites such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console

1.4. Why Do We Gather Your Data

  • For visitors to have complete access to our websites’ features and capabilities.
  • To help us provide our services to you
  • To help us make better decisions whether our services and products would be useful for you
  • To provide support, fulfill requests, obtain feedback, handle complaints relating to our services
  • To gain a better understanding of your needs and interests
  • To improve our marketing and business strategies to offer better services.

2. Cookie Policy:

2.1. What Are Cookies?

  • They are small pieces of text or files that are shared with you in your browser, accessed via computer or smartphone once visited a website on the internet

2.2. What Cookies Do We Use

  • We use both First-party and Third-party cookies for several purposes. First Party Cookies are set and controlled by the owner (Outreal XR). Third-party cookies are controlled by parties other than us for functionality purposes and offer features on our website. These may include advertising, interactive content, user analytics). Some cookies are strictly essential and mandatory for our website to operate to improve users’ web-browsing experience. and help us have a better understanding of user’s activity on our website to refine our marketing decisions.

3. Data Security


We treat all information and data shared by the user confidentially and take every reasonable precaution and use all reasonable efforts to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of the same. Outreal XR agrees to take all steps necessary to ensure that their employees, agents, and/or assistants treat all information as confidential and to ensure that such employees, agents, and/or assistants are familiar with and abide by the this Policy.


Outreal XR agrees and acknowledges that all user information will be treated with the utmost privacy, confidentiality, and is data protected. We shall not disclose the user’s data and personal information nor sell it to any third-party source and will keep it secure to the best of our abilities.


We also recommend our users to take precautionary measures from their end to secure their data on the internet these include ensuring to use a secure browser while accessing www.outrealxr.com

4. Support


If any complaint needs to be raised in regards to our privacy policy, and data usage please contact us. We commit to handle all complaints to our topmost priority and abide to investigate the matter.


Outreal XR is accessible for all users to browse our services, past hosted events, testimonials, etc. If any user has difficulties in accessing or using our website please contact us.

Contact information:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 042551017