Being specialists in all things extended reality, we have created and developed three custom products. Our products range across the events industry, food and beverage sector, and tourism industry.


Our custom-developed virtual events platform, HoloFair, is a fully interactive and secure software that brings real-life events to the 3D virtual world. Whether you want to host a virtual global convention in the heart of Dubai or a virtual product launch on the moon, we have the means necessary to bring your imagination to life.


HoloMenu’s purpose is to transform your menu to memorable 3D art. It provides the food and beverage industry the opportunity to allow their customers to view their offerings in 3D before placing an order. HoloMenu shows diners life-size 3D images of the items on their menu to aid them in choosing their meal.


HoloGuide is a personal city guide designed to help its users discover key locations of note around them. HoloGuide has been developed using the very latest in augmented reality and can be implemented across museums, art galleries, theme parks and other attractions to serve as a guide to visitors.