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Unlike typical video conferences, with virtual events, attendees are able to interact and communicate with each other in real-time within a 3D virtual environment.

Our virtual events platform, HoloFair, facilitates an environment that is enriched by high-quality audio and visual feed that can be fully customized and branded as per event requirements. HoloFair aims to virtually bring people together in the same way that physical events do. 

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Virtual Events Solutions

The HoloFair Difference

Our virtual events platform, HoloFair, has been developed to provide a virtual 3D event experience that replicates physical events. Listed are some of the key benefits offered by our platform:

  • Can be customized and branded to match individual event objectives.
  • Facilitates rich media webcasting and content delivery to all audiences through any device at any time and location.
  • Handy communication and networking tools such as video call, voice call, and text chat.
  • Comes equipped with useful event metrics and analytics.
  • Round-the-clock customer support and live event day support.


Through our state-of-the-art 3D virtual events software, HoloFair, your company can begin to enjoy the freedom of experiencing events virtually. Engage with your audience in a way that keeps them alert and interested with our online events platform.

Below, you'll find the answers to all the questions you have about our virtual events platform.

A virtual event is a much more tailored and creative way to host an event; and is a big improvement from a simple video conference or call. With HoloFair, you can actually replicate your event experience online by allowing guests to interact with each other in real-time, as well as, with the environment around them. You will use a 3D avatar to walk around the virtual exhibition hall and venues, and you will also be able to network and speak privately with any avatar you encounter through either text chat, voice call, or video call.
The most straightforward answer is that virtual events are easier to manage. The budget, time, and effort put into planning a virtual event with us is a fraction of what you would need to put in for a physical event. Not to mention that you won’t ever need to find a venue or figure out if there are enough chairs for all the people invited! Additionally, virtual events have very few limitations. Your event can be hosted in any location you desire, whether it’s an iconic landmark or the moon!
We’ve got that covered. Measuring the success of your virtual event is important and can be a key factor in choosing whether or not to continue using an online event. HoloFair can help you keep track of it all! Every KPI you need to test such as content views, popular venue areas, best performing booths, and attendees’ overall behavior and engagement is measured by us. HoloFair allows you to track the impact of your virtual event through real-time detailed analytics and metrics reports.
The best part about a virtual event is the limitless possibilities! Since there is no limit in terms of space and resources, HoloFair can host up to 10,000 individuals for your virtual event. You won’t ever have to worry about inviting too many people!
Yes, of course! Don’t worry, you’ll never be left on your own. Our client service team is available 24/7 on live event days to make sure your event goes smoothly. We will also provide you with basic training regarding access and moderator control. The training includes simple tasks such as editing videos in the virtual auditorium and other easy controls that may be required for your event.
That’s a great question! The answer is… it depends. Your virtual event can be ready as fast as two weeks or as long as five weeks. This all depends on the event specifications, venue, and any other requests from your end.
Games! People always seem to wake up and get competitive when a fun game comes around. With HoloFair, you can count on many different games to keep your audience interested including tower defence, hide-and-seek, puzzles, treasure hunts, and point collection. You can also adjust the event design to fit your brand and keep your audience interested in the virtual architecture and design. What’s more? You can even create an entire new venue fully customized for you!
Absolutely not! All you need to host and take part in a virtual event is a device (such as desktop, mobile or tablet) connected to a reliable internet connection.
In a physical event, you create unique and personalized experiences through name-tags, keepsakes, and inside jokes. In a HoloFair virtual event, you create a unique and personalized experience in an even better way! You can make your virtual event unique by choosing an uncommon venue like maybe OUTER SPACE! (Yes, you can choose any venue you’d like). You can also achieve a personalized experience for your attendees through our virtual avatars that look just like them – thanks to our face scanning feature! You can also incorporate fun games to give users an unforgettable experience.
We take your data security very seriously! That’s why we take all the precautions needed according to government data management laws and protocols to keep your data private and safe. Our server is hosted on a reliable cloud hosting platform trusted by government and private entities. When it comes to virtual event security, you can count on us!
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