Virtual Events

Unlike typical video conferences, with virtual events, attendees are able to interact and communicate with each other within a 3D virtual-reality-powered environment that replicates physical events.

Our virtual events platform, HoloFair, facilitates an environment that is enriched by high-quality audio and visual feed that can be fully customized and branded as per your event requirements.


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Host Real-Life Events in the Virtual World

HoloFair is a virtual events platform that can create and host your ideal event in 3D. With HoloFair, your attendees only need a device with an active internet connection to attend your event.

HoloFair allows you to virtually create any physical location that you desire, be it Burj Khalifa or the moon! Attendees can also network with one another through voice calls and text chat in real-time. What’s more? You can have a full analysis of your virtual event from how many videos were watched to how many brochures were downloaded.

Virtual Events Solutions

The HoloFair Difference

Our virtual events platform, HoloFair, has been developed to provide a virtual 3D event experience that replicates physical events. Listed are some of the key benefits offered by our platform:

  • Can be customized and branded to match individual event objectives.
  • Facilitates rich media webcasting and content delivery to all audiences through any device at any time and location.
  • Comes equipped with useful event metrics and analytics.
  • Round-the-clock customer support and live event day support.