Virtual Events

Host virtual events on our virtual events software and allow attendees to interact with each other in real-time. We offer many virtual events solutions that can be fully customized and branded as per event requirements. 

Our virtual events software facilitates an unforgettable 3D experience for users. HoloFair aims to virtually bring people together in the same way that physical events do. 

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Virtual Events Solutions

Virtual Events Solutions on HoloFair


In simple words, the metaverse is a 3D virtual environment wherein users can explore, socialize and interact with one another as well as, with the environment around them in the form of 3D avatars.

The power of metaverse technology enables users to network closely with their community, trade, work, learn or play games, replicating their day-to-day activities of the real world. The world is actively being shaped, bringing the next major wave of digital change to public and private sector enterprises. Changing the way people and businesses communicate and operate in innovative ways. With the metaverse you can showcase your products and services through an immersive and realistic experience with complete control of customization and branding option for your customers to access from any location!

The list below can be a good guide to help you understand different experiences to host in the metaverse.

  • Metaverse Experiences
  • Metaverse Events (Exhibitions, Conferences, Team-Building)
  • Metaverse Festivals (National Day, Christmas, Camp)
  • Metaverse Career Fairs
  • Metaverse Galleries & NFTs
  • Metaverse Government Authorities
  • Metaverse Cities
  • Metaverse Offices
  • Metaverse School
  • Metaverse E-Commerce (Shopping & Malls)

HoloFair can help you keep track of it all. Every KPI you need to test such as content views, popular venue areas, best performing booths, and attendees’ overall behavior and engagement is measured by us. HoloFair allows you to track the impact of your event through real-time detailed analytics and metrics reports.

HoloFair supports up to 1000 attendees per venue. If it exceeds more than 1000 attendees, it will create a new server instance for the same venue.

Our client service team is available to support you during live event days and for your permanent metaverse experience to make sure your virtual world runs smoothly. We will also provide you with basic training regarding access and moderator control. The training includes tasks related to content upload in your virtual world and other easy controls that may be required for your metaverse.

A minimum of two weeks is needed to build your metaverse on HoloFair. However, depending on your project’s requirements and needs, the estimated time might increase to eight weeks.

Games! People always seem to wake up and get competitive when a fun game comes around. With HoloFair, you can count on many different games to keep your audience interested including floor is lava game, green light, red light game, puzzles, treasure hunts, and point collection.

You can also adjust your metaverse to fit your brand and keep your audience interested in the virtual architecture and design. What’s more? You can even create an entire new venue fully customized for you!

All you need to join your metaverse is a device (such as desktop, mobile or tablet) connected to a reliable internet connection.

In many cases, you are restricted to time, imagination and cost. Whereas the metaverse has no boundaries to these limitations. You can build absolutely any venue you can imagine, maybe OUTER SPACE! (Yes, you can choose any venue you’d like). You can also achieve a personalized experience for your attendees through our virtual avatars that look just like them – thanks to our ReadyPlayerMe integration, you can now scan your face or upload a selfie to create your avatar! You can also incorporate fun games to give users an unforgettable experience.

HoloFair is GDPR compliant as our platform does not store or process user data that is linked to their real identity. The only user data that is processed and not stored are their virtual positions on our multiplayer server.

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