Hybrid Events

Seamlessly host in-person events and virtual events at the same time. With our 3D virtual events platform, you can form hybrid event experiences for your audience across the globe.

Allow your physical and virtual audiences to network and converse using easy communication tools. Don’t miss out on a global audience due to location limitations and host a hybrid event instead. While you manage your physical event, we’ll host your virtual!

Virtual Venue

Replicate your real-life event using 3D online environments that match your physical venue.

Worldwide Visitors

Allow attendees from all over the globe to attend your event regardless of location limitations.

Live Streams

Broadcast to your virtual and physical audience simultaneously through seamless live-streaming.

Connect Physical and Virtual Attendees

  • Your virtual audience can network through video calls, voice calls or text chat using our virtual events platform.

  • Your on-the-go physical audience can use their mobile phones to converse with your virtual visitors using our online events software.

  • HoloFair is conveniently available on desktop web browsers and mobile application.
Connect Attendees
Hybrid Presentations

Hybrid Presentations, Conferences, and Broadcasts

  • Live-stream your speaker sessions and conferences to your virtual visitors using a hybrid event.

  • Avoid repeating answers with simultaneous live Q&A sessions with both, virtual and physical audiences.

  • Coordinate your physical and virtual event to form a unified hybrid experience.

Hybrid Exhibition Halls, Booths, and Venues

  • Virtually recreate your physical venue and exhibition hall to give a similar experience to all attendees.

  • Allow your physical exhibitors to reach your virtual audience by replicating their booths in 3D.

  • Share digital collateral with virtual visitors to inform and educate them.
hybrid event holofair

Hybrid Events FAQs

When an in-person and virtual event occurs simultaneously, it is known as a hybrid event. These kinds of events tend to have similar venues, activities, and agendas across both, physical and virtual events.

Every and any kind of event can be hosted as a hybrid event. Some examples include hybrid exhibition, hybrid conference, hybrid product launch, hybrid career fair, and more.

Yes, we will work with your live event managers and coordinators to incorporate seamless broadcasting for your virtual audience.

Our 3D virtual events platform, HoloFair, allows you to fully customize key elements of your online event. You can mirror your physical venue, recreate any exhibitor booth/stand, create personalized avatars, and lots more. You can even virtually replicate on-ground activities, such as games and surveys.

HoloFair is conveniently accessible through all devices. For desktop users, they are able to visit your event through any standard web browser. For mobile and tablet users, they can download the HoloFair app through Play/App Store and access your event.

Yes, with our online events platform, we give you access to attendance data, event traffic, user interactions and engagement, and any other metrics that you would like to track. These are important in order to measure the success of your hybrid event.

Virtual Events on HoloFair