Virtual Ceremonies

Award individuals virtually and give them the recognition they truly deserve. Acknowledge achievements in our virtual auditorium and digitally award users on stage. Play celebratory background music as users walk to the stage and receive their virtual award. Allow family and friends to be proud of their loved ones with our reaction emotes.

Virtual Awards

Honor individuals with live 3D awards and animations on your custom virtual stage.

Live Webinars

Host live webinar sessions to give honorable individuals the appreciation they deserve.

Interactive Features

Incorporate unforgettable elements such as Wall of Fame tunnel, games, polls, and more.

Award Exceptional Individuals in a Memorable 3D Environment

Custom Registration Form

  • Amaze users from the get-go with a custom registration page dedicated to your brand and event guidelines.

Personalized and Custom Avatars

  • Give users the opportunity to receive awards while looking like themselves virtually with our face scanning feature.
  • Create custom avatars that look like your specific audience.

Rich Interactive Environment

  • Allow your attendees to engage in a compelling setting with flawless 3D elements that resemble any physical venue or mood-board.
Virtual Ceremonies
Online video call, voice call and text chat in virtual custom event platform

Engage and Converse with Users Using Communication Tools

Effective Conversational Tools

  • Attendees can connect with one another in real-time through video calls, voice calls, and text chat.
  • Communication can be done one-to-one or in a group setting.

Award Individuals Virtually

Live Awarding, Webinars and Speeches

  • Give live or pre-recorded speeches in our virtual auditorium with presentation, video, and image capabilities.
  • Recognize users on stage with 3D awards and interactive motions.
  • Allow your audience to react in real-time with reaction emotes such as clapping.
HoloFair Ceremony Outreal
Leaderboard games for virtual events platform

Break Away from the Norm and Gamify Your Virtual Ceremony

Treasure Hunt

  • Truly engage your visitors by hiding mini-awards or treasure boxes throughout the venue.

Trivia Quizzes

  • Question users regarding the virtual ceremony agenda and more to boost engagement and educate visitors.

Brand Tower

  • Emphasize your brand in a fun approach by letting users build your logo in 3D, similar to a tower-building game.


  • Encourage competitive engagement through points systems and scoreboards.

Understand Your Audience Through Analytics and Metrics

Analyze Valuable Audience Insight and Data

  • We can provide you with specific user data so you can accurately analyze your ROI and event turnout.
  • Event data could include information regarding how many venues were visited, which videos were most popular, how many chats occurred, and so forth.
Gain analytics about users in virtual events platform

Virtual Events on HoloFair

Virtual Ceremonies FAQs

HoloFair supports up to 10,000 attendees.

There are several ways to register users within HoloFair:

  • Users can manually register into the platform.
  • Users can access the platform with a specific access code or password.
  • Event organizers can provide us with a CSV file that includes all users’ details and we will pre-register them into the platform.

HoloFair aims to replicate real-life events as precisely as possible. This is why we allow users to either scan their face and create avatars that look exactly like them, or choose one from a set of pre-created avatars. Avatars can also be color codified, if needed for honors distinction.

There are many ways to award users virtually. We can customize the entire user-experience based on your requirements. Mainly, awarding takes place in our virtual auditorium, where speaker and display capabilities are available. You may even customize the auditorium to resemble any venue you desire.

We can upload pre-recorded presentations, images and videos, including holographic videos. These can play in our virtual auditorium for all users to enjoy.

If accessed through a desktop, HoloFair does not require any downloads and can be accessed through any standard web browser. If accessed through a mobile device or tablet, HoloFair application must be downloaded through play or app store. Please note that a stable internet connection is required, regardless of device used.