Virtual Education and Learning

Build a virtual learning environment through HoloFair that supports the development of personalized learning for every student. Based on individual educational requirements, we can customize our platform with a host of virtual learning features that minimizes distractions, bolsters note-taking abilities and encourages group discussion.

Virtually Replicate Your Physical Campus and Customize Features

Personalized and custom avatars

Give students the opportunity to recognize their classmates with our face scanning feature.

Create custom or color-coded avatars for team-building activities.

Rich interactive environment

Mirror your real-life campus in the 3D world and allow students to virtually learn in a familiar location.

Educate and Converse with Students Using Rich Communication Tools

Voice calls and text chat

Educators and students can converse with one another in real-time through 1:1 or group voice calls and text chat.

Exchange contact information

Students and educators can view and exchange contact information with one another.

Teach and Educate Students with No Restrictions

Live courses and classes

Give live or pre-recorded classes with presentation, video, and image capabilities.

Engage with students through live Q&A sessions.

Instructors can organize classes at any time and from any part of the world.

Institutions and instructors can create as many separate classrooms as needed for a more effective learning experience.

Educational Tools

Students are able to download videos, images, presentations, assignments and more.

Instructors are able to access course information board, one-to-one meetings, live video streaming, and reporting systems.


Break Away from the Norm and Gamify Your Virtual Education

Treasure hunt

Truly engage your students by hiding course-related gems throughout the campus and reward hunters accordingly.

Trivia quizzes

Question users regarding courses, classes, topics and other relevant queries to boost engagement and educate students.

Brand tower

Emphasize your institute’s culture in a fun approach by letting users build your logo or mascot in 3D, similar to a tower-build game.


Encourage competitive engagement through points systems and scoreboards.

Understand Your Students Through Analytics and Metrics

Gain access to valuable insight regarding attendees

We can provide you with specific user data so you can accurately analyze your teaching methods and how engaged students are.

Data could include information regarding how many venues were visited, which courses were most popular, how many chats occurred, and so forth.



HoloFair supports more than 10,000 users.

We can upload pre-recorded videos and content, host live webinar sessions and enable video chat upon request.

We can virtually replicate any educational institute’s campus on HoloFair. Lecturers are able to give courses in our virtual auditorium with video and presentation content. Students can even ask lecturers questions through text chat. Additionally, educators can teach in private classrooms that allows unlimited number of students to join. Teachers and learners can interact through audio calls as well.

If accessed through a desktop, HoloFair does not require any downloads and can be accessed through any standard web browser. If accessed through a mobile device or tablet, HoloFair application must be downloaded through play or app store. Please note that a stable internet connection is required, regardless of device used.

We offer gamification, surveys and polls. We are able to implement educational games within the platform to engage your learners in a more enjoyable manner. We are also able to embed surveys and polls for accurate data gathering.

If you are communicating with a user and another user requests to speak to you, you can either admit them and form a group conversation or decline their request.