Virtual Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Promote your products and services, show off your incredible booth design, and discover global prospects with virtual trade shows on our virtual exhibition platform.

With our innovative software, you’re able to replicate your favorite physical exhibition venues or create completely new ones using 3D elements and environments. Engage your audience with branded booths that highlight your USP in the virtual exhibition hall.

Customizable Booths

Exhibitors can showcase digital products and services through fully branded virtual stands.


Exhibitors and visitors can connect with one another using video/voice call and text chat.

Analytics & Metrics

Event organizers can gain access to specific event data and user behavior.

Create a Customized 3D Environment on Our Virtual Exhibition Platform

A Registration Form Made For Your Event

  • With the HoloFair virtual trade show platform, you have the freedom to create a customized and branded registration form that showcases your company’s branding.

Custom Avatars

  • One of the exciting ways HoloFair allows you to personalize your event is through our custom avatars feature.
  • Your attendees will be able to scan their faces on our 3D virtual exhibition platform to create avatars that look just like them!
  • You can also create completely new avatars from scratch, based on your preferences.

Build The Perfect Venue

  • Using our HoloFair software, you will be able to build the perfect venue for your event.
  • Your attendees will be able to walk and move around your venue using their avatars.
  • Individuals or companies participating in the exhibition will also have the option to choose from a variety of customizable stands and to virtually brand their booths for a more personalized feel.
Online video call, voice call and text chat in virtual custom event platform

Communicate, Engage & Network on Our Virtual Exhibition Platform

Communicational Tools

  • You and your attendees can meet new people and strike up a conversation in a second!
  • On our virtual trade show platform, you can network through video/voice calls and text chat with any attendees you meet in a one-on-one or group setting.

Contact Information Exchange

  • Virtual networking is a great way of hosting an event from the comfort of your own office.
  • On top of the freedom to speak with other attendees, everyone at the event can easily share their contact information with each other for future communication.

Share Product Information & Educate Potential Buyers

Webinars and Q&As

  • With our live or pre-recorded webinars, you have the freedom to create an info-packed session in our virtual auditorium or conference hall.
  • Our webinars allow you to use different types of media content including presentation slides, videos, and images.
  • To increase engagement and ensure your attendees and potential clients get the most out of your presentation, you can host a live Q&A session as well.
  • You can also allow avatars to react through clapping, raising their hands, and more.

Branded Booth and Stand Content

  • All exhibitioners have the freedom to display branded digital content about product and service offerings such as videos, images, presentations, brochures and more with their virtual booths.
  • Visitors can also download this useful content for later review (post-exhibition).
Watch live streamed webinars in our virtual auditorium
Shop virtually in virtual events platform

Encourage Potential Buyers to Shop Virtually Through Our Online Exhibition Platform

Integrated e-Commerce System

  • Allow exhibitioners to get a little more from our virtual exhibition platform through our integrated e-commerce system.
  • Attendees can explore and purchase exhibitioners products directly from the merchant’s online store.

Increase Engagement & Gamify Your Event on Our Virtual Exhibition Platform

Virtual Treasure Hunts

  • Give your attendees a tough case to crack! Hand them clues to find hidden gems and explore the virtual exhibition in full.

Trivia Quizzes

  • Everyone loves to be right! Quiz your guests about the different components and details of the virtual exhibition and see who’s been paying attention.

Brand Tower

  • This exciting game can really get your heart pumping! Ensure your audience never forgets your brand name by letting them build your logo in 3D, similar to a tower-build game.


  • Let the competition begin! Keep everyone on their toes and encourage competitive engagement through points systems and scoreboards.
Play online treasure hunt with virtual events platform
Gain analytics about users in virtual events platform

Understand Your Audience Through Analytics and Metrics on the Best Virtual Exhibition Platform in the Region

Gain Access to Valuable Insight Regarding Attendees

  • You need to know how well your event went in order to measure success, see what needs to be improved, and get a better understanding of your audience.
  • Our specialized team helps you set up KPIs and learn how to measure them with different statistics.
  • Event data could include information regarding how many venues were visited, which booths were most popular, how many chats occurred, and so forth.

Virtual Events on HoloFair

Virtual Exhibitions & Trade Shows FAQs

There are no time restrictions with HoloFair. Your virtual exhibition or trade show can run 24/7 for months on end.

HoloFair supports up to 10,000 attendees and unlimited number of booths.

A minimum of one week is needed to set up a virtual event on HoloFair. However, depending on your event requirements and needs, the estimated time might increase.

We have a dedicated team available on hand for all your support needs. Should any problem occur during your event, our technical team will be on standby for assistance.

We have many interactive features developed within HoloFair for maximum engagement. You are able to host live webinars and streaming, alongside a live Q&A session. We also have a dedicated networking lounge where users can spend time networking through video calls, voice calls, text chat and exchange contact information. You may embed surveys and polls within your virtual exhibition or trade show as well.

You are able to monetize your virtual event in the same way that you would monetize a physical event. You can charge for virtual booth space and vary pricing based on booth location. You can also charge exhibitors for extra branding or for sponsorships across the venue. Additionally, you may charge visitors through virtual event ticket sales.