Virtual National Day Event

From 3D falcons to shooting canons, virtual national days on HoloFair are all about engagement. Our virtual events platform boasts beautiful 3D venues that embolden the national day spirit. Immerse your users in a virtual world with numerous interactive features.

Contact us to find out how we can host your next virtual or hybrid national day event with games, analytics, networking, and more!

National Games

Create a competitive atmosphere with national day-themed games.

High Engagement

Boost engagement with incredible interactivity features and 3D elements.

Tailor-Made and Personalized Virtual National Day Event

Custom Avatars

  • Navigate the event and explore venues using male or female locally dressed avatars.
  • Customize avatars and add national day elements to their kandora and abaya.

Build and Create 3D Worlds

  • Create realistic 3D venues with national day elements such as animated flags, flying falcons, traditional tents, and more.
  • Bring the true UAE feel by playing the national anthem in the background.
  • Implement display stands of cultural UAE items and present important historical information with interactive screens.

Multi-User Platform for True Connections

Real-Time Conversations

  • Walk alongside your colleagues and connect with them through video/voice calls and text messages.
  • Visually see where the crowd is gathered and see what the hype is about.

Avatar Emote Animations

  • Use your avatar to wave, clap, cheer or even dance with other event attendees.
  • Have a dance battle under the Burj Khalifa with your friends.


Broadcast Entertainment in Your Virtual National Day Event

Live Sessions

  • Directly live-stream artists, ayyala dancing, skits and other entertainment in your virtual venue.
  • Seamlessly integrate Zoom or Teams with your virtual event.

Recorded Sessions

  • Showcase pre-recorded videos on grand screens for your viewers to watch whenever they please.
Watch live streamed webinars in our virtual auditorium

Engage Attendees With UAE-Based Games

Trivia Scavenger Hunt

  • Hide treasure boxes around your venue that only open once a question about the UAE is answered correctly.

UAE Tower

  • Build excitement by allowing your visitors to build towers, similar to Tower Bloxx.
  • The tower cubes can resemble the UAE flag or any other national element.


  • Create a multi-player event leaderboard to build a competitive and fun atmosphere for all visitors.

Virtual National Day Event Analytics and Data

Assess Event Success

  • Measure useful metrics to find out how well your event performed.
  • Some analytics that can be collected are:
    • Number of attendees
    • Number of calls and chats
    • Number of interactions with content
    • Number of visits per venue
    • Time spent per venue
Gain analytics about users in virtual events platform

Virtual Events on HoloFair

Virtual National Day Event FAQs

A minimum of one week is needed to set up a virtual event on HoloFair. However, depending on your event requirements and needs, the estimated time might increase.

The answer is both! You may use one of our template venues or create a completely new venue depending on your timeline and budget. If you are on a tight deadline and budget, we recommend you to choose from one of our existing venues. Alternatively, we are able to create any 3D venue you have in mind.

We can host live and recorded sessions on HoloFair. Live sessions are done through Zoom/Teams integration, including live Q&A sessions. Recorded sessions take place by uploading pre-recorded videos to your venue.

Definitely! You may voice call, video call or text chat with any other attendee in the venue. All that you have to do is send a call/message request and get the conversation going.

We offer gamification – we have game development modules that allow us to implement different types of game logic. Some of the possible games are treasure hunt, red light/green light, UAE tower, obstacle course, and leaderboard. We can also develop custom games based on your request.

We have a dedicated team available on hand for all your support needs. Should any problem occur during your event, our technical team will be on standby for assistance. We also provide live chat support for all event attendees.