Virtual Product Launch Platform

Launch your new products in an exciting virtual environment! Show the world your newest innovation through an online product launch platform. Reach a wider audience and open new possibilities for your business.

Get the conversation going through live webinars, video presentations, 3D product replicas, and other interactive features. Don’t limit your creations to a local audience and take your product launch online to reach thousands of users around the globe.

Showcase Inventions

Display your newest products using 3D product replicas and digital brochures.

Live Webinars

Host live webinars with Q&A sessions to answer queries about your product in real-time.

Engage Users

Create interest and excitement about your product with effective conversational tools.

Customize Your Launch Event Using a Virtual Product Launch Platform

Custom Registration Form

  • Engage your audience from the first step they take into your virtual event.
  • Customize your registration form with company branding and informative product launch event guidelines.

Custom User Avatars

  • Your event attendees can explore your virtual event looking like themselves thanks to the platform’s face scanning feature.
  • Our virtual product launch platform can create custom avatars from scratch, to mirror the look of the actual attendees and create a more realistic environment!

Interactive 3D Environment

  • Allow your attendees to learn more about your new product in a flawless 3D setting that can resemble any physical venue you choose for your product launch event.
Online video call, voice call and text chat in virtual custom event platform

Converse with Prospects Using Effective Communication Tools During Your Product Launch Event

Voice Calls, Video Calls and Text Chat

  • Any questions or comments attendees have can be answered on the spot with our innovative built-in voice call, video call and text chat features.
  • Your conversations can be done one-on-one or in a group setting.

Contact Information Exchange

  • Keep track of everyone you meet. Make sure they get your contact information by giving them your virtual business card for further communication.

Educate Potential Buyers on Our Online Product Launch Platform

Live Webinars and Speeches

  • Show your audience why they should be excited about your new launch with live and pre-recorded webinars that include presentation slides, images, videos, and much more!
  • You can also engage with attendees through live Q&A sessions during your product launch event.
  • Your virtual avatar can even show appreciation by clapping!

Booth and Stand Content

  • Set up your booth just like you would in real life, but better!
  • Share digital content regarding your product with visitors including videos, images, presentations, brochures, 3D product replicas, and more.
  • Visitors have the option to download useful content for later review.
Watch live streamed webinars in our virtual auditorium
Shop virtually in virtual events platform

Encourage Potential Buyers to Shop Virtually

Integrated e-Commerce System

  • Through our integrated e-commerce capabilities, visitors can view your product offerings and make purchases directly from your website through our online product launch platform!

Get Competitive & Gamify Your Virtual Product Launch Event

Virtual Treasure Hunt

  • Make exploring your virtual event more interesting by hiding treasures and giving attendees tricky clues to find hidden items.

Trivia Quizzes

  • Ensure your attendees remember important information about your new product through fun quizzes about different event details.

Brand Tower

  • Make your product and brand unforgettable by letting users build your new product in 3D, similar to a tower-building game.


  • Encourage competitive engagement during your virtual product launch event through points systems and scoreboards.
Brand tower gamification for virtual events platform
Gain analytics about users in virtual events platform

Understand Your Audience Through Analytics and Metrics on Our Virtual Product Launch Platform

Get Reports On Attendee Interactions and Engagement

  • If you want to have a successful product launch, you have to have specific KPIs and a way to measure them.
  • We can provide you with specific user data so you can accurately analyze your ROI and event turnout.
  • Event data could include information regarding how many times users interacted with your launch product, which booths were most popular, how many chats occurred, and so forth.

Virtual Events on HoloFair

Virtual Product Launch FAQs

HoloFair supports up to 10,000 attendees and unlimited number of booths.

There are no time restrictions with HoloFair. Your virtual event can run 24/7 for months on end.

A minimum of one week is needed to set up a virtual product launch on HoloFair. However, depending on your event requirements and needs, the estimated time might increase.

You may speak with other users using video calls, audio calls and text chat. You are also able to exchange contact information with other users.

Your product launch can be done effectively in numerous ways with HoloFair. Our auditorium has excellent interactive tools such as chatting with the speaker, live streaming and webinars, and video and presentation upload. You may also upload digital brochures, product demos, and much more to your stand. Forums, surveys and polls are available as well.

We have a dedicated team available on hand for all your support needs. Should any problem occur during your event, our technical team will be on standby for assistance.