Virtual Training Platform

Long workshops in small meeting rooms just don’t cut it anymore! Revamp your learning sessions and get your employees interested in workshops again with our virtual workshop platform!

Virtually train your employees through an online workshop that creates an efficient, fun, and effective learning environment. Educators can virtually teach through live webinars, videos, presentations, and other digital content. Staff can discuss and learn through live Q&A sessions, group calls and chats, and 24/7 access to learning materials.

Custom Environment

Replicate any physical workshop venue in a virtual 3D space.

Training Classrooms

Educate learners with effective teaching tools, such as live-streaming and presentation decks.

Communication Tools

Interact and engage with trainees using direct video/voice calls and text chat.

Keep Attendees Engaged in a Unique 3D Environment on Our Virtual Workshop Platform

Custom Registration Portal

  • Customize your registration process and keep it in line with your brand guidelines to create a more familiar experience for your employees.

Personalized and Custom Avatars

  • Keep your staff looking like themselves even in a virtual workshop!
  • Our face scanning feature can create a personalized avatar, or alternatively create color coded teams or dress all virtual attendees in the company attire.

An Interactive 3D Environment

  • Your employees will be able to walk around your virtual workshop using their personalized avatars. The venue can be your company headquarters, or any other place on earth!
Online video call, voice call and text chat in virtual custom event platform

Communicate with Learners on Our Virtual Training Platform

Real-Time Communication

  • Educators and learners can communicate with one another in real-time through 1:1 or group voice calls, video calls and text chat.

Business Card Exchange

  • If you’re doing a workshop that involves more than one subsidiary, or a workshop where employees will benefit from further communication with instructors, you will love our virtual business card feature.
  • Attendees can exchange contact information with just one click!

Educate Staff Using Our Live Virtual Classroom

Webinars and Q&As

  • Your workshop webinars can be live or pre-recorded containing everything from images to slideshow presentations and even videos.
  • After each webinar, whether live or pre-recorded, you can conduct a live Q&A session to help your attendees learn more.

Digital Learning Material

  • On our virtual training platform, you can share your learning materials digitally with attendees so they can download them and keep them (presentations, images, videos, documents) for future reference.
Watch live streamed webinars in our virtual auditorium
Trivia quizzes gamification for virtual events platform

Get Competitive in Your Virtual Training Workshop

Trivia Quizzes

  • Let’s see who’s been paying attention!
  • During or after each training session, you can ask fun questions and even rank winners on a scoreboard.

Understand Your Event Through Analytics on Our Virtual Workshop Platform

Gain Access to Valuable Insight Regarding Learners

  • Was your workshop effective? Did your employees get the information they need? These questions and much more can be answered through the analytics we provide.
  • We give you access to specific user data so you can accurately analyze your ROI and training workshop sessions.
  • Data could include information regarding how many venues were visited, which videos were fully watched, how many chats occurred, and so forth.
Gain analytics about users in virtual events platform

Virtual Training Workshop FAQs

We can upload pre-recorded videos and content, host live webinar sessions and enable live Q&A sessions.

There are no time restrictions with HoloFair. Your virtual training workshop can run 24/7 for months on end.

A minimum of one week is needed to set up a virtual training workshop on HoloFair. However, depending on your event requirements and needs, the estimated time might increase.

You may speak with users using video and audio calls or text chat. You are also able to exchange contact information with other users. Users can chat and react to the speaker in our virtual auditorium as well.

Yes, we can provide you with complete event analytics and metrics such as data regarding actions of every user in the platform, workshop turnout, conversations occurred, content viewed and downloaded, and other useful statistics.

If you are communicating with a user and another user requests to speak to you, you can either admit them and form a group conversation or decline their request.